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Newburgh 4: 'These Guys Picked the Wrong Town'

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Burton surmises that authorities had a tip-off that the mosque used by chief plotter James Cromite "was conducive to the radicalization process" and planted an informant among the congregation — which ultimately led the authorities to Cromi

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Comment by Lola Flores
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"...but counterterrorism experts say it's already clear where the plotters made their first mistake: they picked targets in New York City. Since the devastating attacks on Sept. 11, the city has built up formidable intelligence resources that are designed to anticipate, detect and eliminate terrorism threats. "No city is better prepared for this kind of attack than New York," says Fred Burton, a counterterrorism expert at Stratfor, a global-intelligence firm. "These guys picked the wrong town to mess with." "

This comment is hysterically funny at so many levels.

First, seems like they didn't pick NYC but, rather, it was NYC who picked them.

Second, the City has built up formidable intelligence resources? Which may or may not include Pakistani immigrants who are under the duress of deportation to create - rather than foil - said plots, right? ROFL

Then, no City is better prepared than NYC? Yeah, right! I find it all a bit too coincidental that the plot was against a Jewish synagogue in a city where a Jew is the mayor. But, hey, I won't tell the CIA/FBI/Homeland Security/Department of Public Works if you don't tell...

Yeah, they picked the wrong town to mess with! Ha ha! The same town where white cops are shooting black cops...ooops! Now, that's vigilance and zealousy alright!

Comment by Ed Price
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Reichstag fire?