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San Diego Halts Home Bible Study; threatens fines!


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Comment by Lee Ray
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Be glad if you don**Q**t live here!

Fact: The County of San Diego is one of the most restrictive, backwards, and business hostile bureaucracies in the Nation.

E-mail the County Official responsible for this action - Pam Elias, Head of Code Enforcement ( and tell her what you think of her leadership and her staff**Q**s outrageous actions. I hope the lawsuit is tendered and the County loses big time - the taxpayers will foot the bill but it may stop these bureaucratic zealots from abusing other citizens.

Better yet e-mail the Chair of the County Supervisors Supv. Greg Cox and voice your displeasure re. Elias**Q**s staff**Q**s actions ( )

Comment by Jim March
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Well this is interesting. EVERY single congregation of Jehovah**Q**s Witnesses holds one meeting a week (generally an hour) scattered among various homes among the congregations, usually in groups of 15 to 25 or so. It**Q**s a planned protection against their getting banned, basically it means they can break up into **QQ**cells**QQ** at a moment**Q**s notice. I was raised JW as a kid, never baptized. So they**Q**re ALL in **QQ**violation**QQ** and knowing them, they WILL react in court against this if they find out about it.

And they**Q**ve got the legal muscle to cope. The preacher in question ought to immediately contact a San Diego JW congregation.

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