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US Treasury bonds sale faces market resistance

The US is not alone in facing a deficit crisis. Governments worldwide have to raise some $6 trillion in debt this year, with huge demands in Japan and Europe. Kyle Bass from the US fund Hayman Advisors said the markets were choking on debt.

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Comment by William Klepzig
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As we have seen this administration is again going about rebuilding America wrong. We do not have to print more money! What needs to be dones is this: cut every loan interest cost by 50% and every home principal amount by 33% this action would free up hundreds of millions each month. The millions of Americans who are working and making payments would have cash that has been taken by interest and over inflated values to spend or invest!. Allow only Americans to buy Government speical bonds that would double every five years. Finally declare that we are in a crisis/war mode and fix/set gas, power, food and electrical values for five years. These action would pour real money into the system.
Middle American, Casey

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