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Congress to vote on virtual strip searches

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What can you do? Visit & sign the online petition endorsed by the Identity Project. More importantly, call/email your Congressmen today & urge them to vote FOR the “Chaffetz amendment on Whole Body Imaging” to H.R. 2200, the TSA authorization bill.

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Comment by Ed Price
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If there were a true poll of every voting age person in the USA, how would Homeland Security fare. Would the people say it is right in what it is doing? Would the people say it is wrong? Would they even want it to exist?

Is all the HS stuff only Government produced and desired? Or is it something that the people want as well?

If it is basically only a Government thing, how do we find out? and What do we do about it?

If it is Government or minority produced, all this Homeland Security stuff, I mean, maybe the only way to stop it IS FOR ALL OF US TO RUN FOR GOVERNMENT OFFICE SO THAT WE CAN RULE OUR OWN LIVES instead of letting the dictators do it.

Comment by Trouser Chili
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So now if I want the naked strip search machines out of the airports I have to urge my congressman to vote to expand Homeland Security. Those bastards are clever.