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Lila Rajiva: Time To Run?


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Comment by Charzhome S.
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Time to build Galt's Gulch!  Ms. Rand sure got _that_ right.....!

Comment by Found Zero
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Follow the exodus of the wealthy? Yes, by all means, buy foreign property and a boat or airplane to get there. Make sure you have plenty of Veuve Cliquot and caviar to last you.

Certainly sage advice for a nation of people battling to stay off the streets. And nice to know those of means have every intention of sticking around until they "get their papers in order".

It's been said that fascism would come to America carrying a cross and wrapped in the American flag. Will libertarianism leave America shrieking "every man for himself, run for your lives"?

Perhaps in certain quarters. However the author neglects to tell the well heeled where to run to. For the implication is that there is someplace to escape to. Someplace where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness simply exists in a state of natural bounty.

Where is this place? Or is the idea to simply camp out in a 5 star resort until liberty is somehow magically restored?

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