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New video shows officer shove, then taser 72-year-old great grandmother

It shows Constable Richard McCain screaming, “Get over here now!” Winkfein replies, “Give [the ticket] to me and I’ll sign it.” Instead, the officer reaches out and pushes her

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Comment by mike henness
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I just saw the video ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I'm an unarmed selfdefense instructor for the Department of Corrections Constable Richard McCain I will be more than happy to provide you with free lessons and if you feel the need by all means bring your taser. we are behind the fence with convicted criminals and aren't allowed to treat them in this manner you should be ashamed of yourself and removed from ANY Law Enforcement Duties how would you like for one of your fellow officers to treat your Mother in that manner shame on you!!!!! 

Comment by Richard Stone
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 As much as I don't like the way the police act with citizens I must stand up for one part of his actions. (This is a rare first for me.) He pushed the woman back so that he and she were away from the flow of traffic to protect both of them. I don't agree with tazing her. If he couldn't handle a 72 year old woman bare handed he needs a career change or some martial arts training on how to handle a 72 year old women.

Comment by Rusty Shackleford
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the story was posted but the dashcam video was still being held by the cops....

If this lady was my mother or grandmother, I would be out looking for this thug! What a chicken poop piece of crap this sadistic bastard is!

Comment by Jim Stachowiak
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This story was also already posted just letting you know was posted by someone here last week