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James Von Brunn Plays Right Into the Zionist's Hands

• Brandon Dean

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Comment by Jet Lacey
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While both the author and poster of the aforementioned article are surely misguided in their assessment of who the real perpetrators of this country's grand dilemma are, their viewpoints are not the nexus of the issue.  What I find equally disturbing is that Ms. Jarvis, rather than responding to and taking umbrage with the author and poster, upbraids the publisher for not censoring the article itself.  By taking this stance, it would appear that Ms. Jarvis is equally as intolerant. 

Freedom of speech is a bedrock tenet of Natural Law and individual liberty, and defending it with atavistic ferocity is an absolute necessity for the continuance of a free society. To sum it up, Judge Napolitano says it more eloquently than I ever could:  

“Natural law teaches that our rights come from our humanity. Since we are created by God in His image and likeness, and since He is perfectly free—or, if you prefer, since we are creatures of nature born biologically dependent but morally free—freedom is our birthright. Liberty comes from our humanity, not from an outside source such as the government.”   

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” – Voltaire

“The Framers [of the Constitution] knew that free speech is the friend of change and revolution. But they also knew that it is always the deadliest enemy of tyranny.” – Hugo Black

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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There is very little censorship here on FreedomsPhoenix and what little there is subjective as hell. Senior Editor Powell Gammill and Publisher (me) determine what is 'allowed' on the front page. "Jew Bashing" is not, but I am not afraid of ' The Third Rail Israel'. Fear is the mind killer, and this crime will be spun and twisted into all sorts of special treatment legislation and foreign policy shenanigans with my money.


When Glenn Back twisted this event into a ‘911 Truther bashing’ I knew we were going to be manipulated into…. something ‘evil this way comes’.


Sooooo, I encourage watching this story unfold as an education. ‘Holocaust deniers’ that I have interviewed are more often deniers of the ‘official story’ and how it was used to manipulate legislation and the direction of other people’s money. Well whatever the world owed in the terms of cash is paid off by now if it was ever the jurisdiction for legislators to force it from their populations in the first place.


This story will be used to allow for continuing the pillaging of other people’s money that had nothing to do with this event or those past. And the Lame-Stream Media,… the media that is soooo last century, will lead the way in determining what issue will be discussed and what will not. THIS was the whole purpose of the creation of FreedomsPhoenix “Uncovering the Secrets & Exposing the Lies”.


But I do know that there are individuals that have nothing to talk about BU T Jews this and Jews that. I see this as bigoted as all of the other focusing on ‘groups’ like minorities, religions, professions, genders or sexual orientations. I want to know about individual behaviors and WHY. No one ever asks WHY any more.


Why would a man spend the end of his life this focused on this issue (a paragraph would likely answer this) but also why would a large TV network jump to equate this crime to believing in 911 conspiracies (this would take a large book)?


Yep. We’ll be following this crime a bit. But Powell and I will keep a great deal of the ‘bullshit’ off the Front Page while still allowing for the discussion of how such events are used and by whom, for what ends and the all important WHY. Its just how we roll.

Comment by Sharon Jarvis
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This poster is a nutcase and shame on you for giving him a platform.  The Germans themselves documented the Holocaust and there is absolute proof it happened.  A dissenting "opinion"  is nothing but a Jew hater who refuses to accept fact.  Von Brunn listened to rightwingers who claimed Obama was going to take away his guns, but that's another ruse the Republicans use to distract us from the real problems the Republicans themselves caused.

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