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Bad Flagstaff cops busted for...what? Hey wait a minute here!

In a twist on the typical "bad cop" story, officers are put on administrative leave for a very harmless picture. See the pic for yourself and tell me if it compromises community values or police integrity. I mean come on, seriously. If I was their supervisor I wouldn't know what to reprimand them for. How do we expect law enforcement to build relationships with people if they can't even interact with us?

If you feel as I do, I hope you'll join me in sending a friendly note to Flagstaff PD to tell them that while we appreciate the efforts to maintain upstanding character, this issue shouldn't be one. Absent any more incriminating back-story, I think these guys should be back on the job.

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Comment by Lola Flores
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Man, I'm gonna have to get me one of 'em government jobs where you beat up someone, kill them, rob them or whatever and then you get paid vacation in exchange for your transgression.  That must be a sweet thang indeed...

Comment by Brandon Smith
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Oh please give me a break! We allow raids on peoples homes to see if they were holding Bible study but some good looking women can't take a fun photo with our Boys in Blue?! Society is backwards!