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Replace, Don't Reform, Airport Security


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Comment by Ed Price
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Seems to me that all this internal U. S. A. security stuff is happening because Government has left the country borders open for so long that there could be any number of "destroy-America-groups" in place throughout the country.

Why have the borders remained open for so long that now we need to scrutinize the interior like this? World history has shown that security at the borders of a country is a thing that is vital to any nation.

Since all Congress members should have known about national security for the last 50 years or more (and did, because we have the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc.), perhaps the "destroy-America-groups" have been in place for a long time, right in Washington D.C., right in Congress, Congress members themselves.

Isn't it time we get to the root of the problem? We say things like " Replace, Don't Reform, Airport Security." Well, maybe it should be more like REPLACE, DON'T REFORM, THE MEMBERS OF CONGRESS.

You can help starting today, no matter who you are. Nobody is too little to help. Run for Government office, any Government office, maybe even for Congress of the United States of America.  

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