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• Devvy Kidd

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Comment by Lola Flores
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Why are you people so utterly stupid, hateful and vindictive?  Were you born that way or did the Right Wing made you so?


Who gives a flying fuck about (a) what his real name is; and (b) where the fuck he was born!


Don't y'all realize that the damage was done 9 fucking years ago when your boy Bush stole the first election.  That you whackadoodles is what you should have been up in arms over not whether a black guy who, btw, had the presidency handed over to him because of the way in which your white boy fucked up, is irrelevant!  You are the ones that need to wake up and smell the bacon, there are bigger, much bigger forces at work here and NOOOOOOOOO!  They have nothing to do with what Obama's real name and place of bith are or are not. 


You see, what we have today is single-handedly because of y'all idiots.  Too happy cheering the rape and robbery of a country by a white fundy and too late to complain about anything else.  You've got what you deserve - now, eath your shit and die!

Comment by scott vincent
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