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Sanford’s e-mails to Argentinian love interest revealed

• The State
excerpts of e-mails, obtained by The State newspaper in December, between Gov. Mark Sanford’s personal e-mail account and Maria, a woman in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

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Comment by Anonymous
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This is the torrid stuff of pulp novels or of a spanish telenovela. Gov.Sanford is a remarkable servant of the people and he has done very difficult things and stayed in power. It's heartbreaking what is happening in his life. South Carolina needs him. It's such a shame that public officials in political high places seemingly have little to no psychological amenities to respect their privacy and to allow their humanity to make improvements before moments like this precipitate into an undertow. It's too bad really. Politics is such a psychologically brutal industry. It's become so commonplace for Republicans to capitalize on "moral" underpinnings. I'm not saying we shouldn't have moral standards, I'm saying that Republicans in the last 10 years believe in an arbitrary double standard: a standard for them and then another standard for you to obey indefinitely. The whole philosophy of this is about power, getting you to comply with a base standard with harsh penalties and unlivable consequences for stepping out of line while those in power have the freedom to do what they wish and to author their own standard. This is where Gov. Sandfords judgement in day-to-day living probably went awry.

Comment by Jet Lacey
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Sure, if you want a ANOTHER Bilderberg member for a President......

Comment by Mad Joker
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this could very well possibly ruin a great presidentail candidate.