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Supreme Court: Strip search of 13-year-old unconstitutional

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Comment by Jet Lacey
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Clarence Thomas, Clarence Thomas…….Where’s Anita Hill and Janet Napolitano when you need them…..They’ve gone the way of the buffalo and Hunter Thompson…..wait, not Janet but you know what I’m saying.  Dr. Thompson wrote about Clarence Thomas in the good old days, before he was a pre-eminent jurist.  I present to you for your consideration…..

A Wild and Ugly Night With Judge Clarence Thomas...Bad Craziness in

Sheep Country...Sexual Harassment Then and Now...A Nasty Christmas

Flashback and a Nation of Jailers


Fear and Loathing in Elko

By Hunter S. Thompson
Comment by Powell Gammill
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You have to love the Supremes.  They rule that, yes, disrobing a girl under their "care" to look for over the counter Ibuproven is unconstitutional.    And in the next breath say that school officials are protected from lawsuits.  Nice.  I especially liked Thomas' dissent for all those who continue to say Thomas is the most libertarian of the judges (sometimes he is): The courts shouldn't interfere with violating a person's Rights let alone common decency when it comes to school officials dealing with their "charges."  Truthful.  That is the way governemnt likes its decisions...unchallengable.

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