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Evidence of Global Cooling…Study Censored by EPA

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Comment by Freed Radical
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Actually, it's Charlie Brown who falls on his ass every spring when Lucy pulls the football away, but your point is well taken. It's been my experience that the so-called "global warming" thing has effectively become a false religion based on nothing but irrational feelings and faith in the false gods of statism and collectivism. If there were adequate evidence to support the theory that humans are warming the planet, that would be one thing (and maybe even a good thing), but the Earth's climate has been constantly changing long before human civilization arrived on the scene a mere 10,000 years ago. There are literally more than 10,000 reputable scientists who have signed on to a paper that global warming is bunk, yet the lamestream media never reports this and acts like GW is some sort of indisputable fact. Of course, the evil State seeks even more power and control over everyone's lives via the "cap and trade" tax fiasco. The masses who have bought into this phony religion (that would be you, Red) are nothing more than modern day "useful idiots" (Josef Stalin's term) who help spread the phony religion of environmentalism to yet more useful idiots. If the useful idiots would get their heads out of Obama's ass, they might catch on to the fact that the whole cap & trade tax is nothing more than simple fascist collusion between big government and big business. Bush and Obama are working for the same people--Big Business, Big Government & the Military-Industrial Complex!! It's time to stop drinking the Environmentalist Temple Kool-Aid and face reality. "Global Warming" is just another fascist scam! Eric New

Comment by John Granath
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One of the very first things that I learned in High School science -- and, which was repeated in my  101 classes at the College, is that the  EARTH IS A PLANET -- and, by definition, planets are celestial bodies that do NOT generate heat -- as do stars and suns;  and therefore ARE COOLING.  Originally gaseous, with cooling -- and the effect of gravity, the elements begin a process of solidifying... first to become liquid magma of intensely high temperatures that, with eons of  cooling, hardens to become the mantle of the earth -- its crust,.    With the deliberate dumbing down of our   population over the last 50+ years, these simple facts leave a population conditioned to be  misled by the pied pipers who want to control them.  Creating FEAR in the ignorant masses is prerequisite to obtaining power over them.   It's ALL about POWER AND PROFIT folks.  It's saddening, depressing, to become aware of the degree and amount of ignorance that makes up the American electorate!  They, the majority,  actuall BELIEVE that what politicians are telling them IS TRUE!  And, one more time, like Snoopy having the football snatched away just as he kicks - "we" the masses, buy into a hoax!


Comment by Lola Flores
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Well, that's just dandy news...of course, I couldn't have told since we've had 97-degree temps here for a week...

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