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Pity the Poor Rich - Switzerland under attack

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Comment by Ed Price
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If you look at what was really happening when all those common-folk investors were getting rich, you will see that the FED/World Bank/IMF were getting richer off the activities of these common-folk investors. 

Money is only as good as it has value among people. This is the same for gold and silver, land, businesses, and you name it. 

Suppose you owned a piece of land or other real estate. Let's say tht you had paid off the mortgage, or, bettet yet, paid cash for the place and never had a mortgage. Are you the owner? Do you hold the title? Or is it the county registrar that holds title, while you just hold a worthless copy? 

When you buy land, hold onto the deed / title, and only register a declaration of sale so that you are the holder of title. This way you actually might own something of value. It's obvious by the way that the FED prints money that there isn't much value in it, and that the only value that it has is in the fact that the knowledge of its worthlessness hasn't made its way into the minds of the people... yet. 


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