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Obama Adviser Says U.S. Should Mull Second Stimulus


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Comment by Lola Flores
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Sure, just what the doctor ordered:  more money out of our pockets and into theirs.  Time to dish out our greatgrandkids' money now.  Somewhere in this great United States of Amerika, there is a politician, a bureaucrat, a bankster or another corporation that hasn't got enough of our money and wants more.  What else is new?  This is Capitalism at its best!

Comment by Rocky Frisco
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Let the Tysons keep flogging their crap chicken bits and stop egging on the federal juggernaut.

Comment by William Klepzig
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 The past money programs were fast drug injections into the economic system.  They were a quick fix, a feel good high and nothing more.  The money for rebuilding roads etc. is good but it takes time to rebuild a highway and it gives jobs to a limited number of workers.

I will state a way to put more real Americans to work, stimulate the economies of each state and rebuild America.  The federal government with O'mans never empty credit card will grant to each state one billion dollars.  These grants, not controlled by state governments, will be one third to existing business needing capital to expand and two thirds for new start ups.  There is not one job that has been shifted away from American shores  that can not be done in America by American workers.  From toys to cars that make 50 miles per gallon, it is in this country now and it can be made to look like any car you want and still get 50 mpg, Americans need to be funded to bring back the jobs and put Americans to work.

That 50 billion will put real money into the heartland and mega cities.  It will produce items Americans require.  It will put people from computer programmers to input staff to hands on laborers to work and the spin off of at least six jobs for every one strong paying jobs will make a difference threw out each city, town or country the business is in.

Americans may need to produce ideas and paper work, but they also need to produce the very best real articals in the world again no matter what it is.

There you have it you dead head brainless thoughtless Washington DC money men, a real idea that when implemented will start the American powerhouse of industry and manufacturing.  It  will show the world what it mean to be made in America.


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