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Iraqi Soldiers Sense They are Being Setup

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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The usurper is hoping for a civil wan in Iraq.

Then your Commander will say that the Iranians are the reason...and then use that as an excuse to go to war with Iran....just wait and see,your ass will be in Iran where even more Americans will die.......not barry tho.

Barry couldn`t join the Military any way..he dosn`t have a Birth Certificate...he can`t even play little league.

Oh Yeah!! You will be tagged by the DHS as an Exstreamist when you get won`t even be able to buy a weapon,or use you gun.

Many Iraq Vets are Homeless...what does your Commader do?...he brings Hamas Terrorist to America,gives them a Home,and  food stamps,and ,most likely Health Insurance...You won`t get shit soldier...Nothing!!

When you get home...fight for you own country...the country you family/Love ones live in.

It`s not like I havn`t been where you are..just a different a different country.

1st Inf/ Div  1st/16th Inf  1967/68   "Grunt".

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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You should have...your commander isn`t even American.

That`s what you get for fighting an Unconstitutional War...a continuation of the Bush Invasion.

You are needed here to help save you own country...Ameirca Really needs you. 

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