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Japan's Robots Join Ranks Of Unemployed

• Michael Shedlock / Mish

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Comment by Ed Price
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Jap robots could do everything, from mining the natural resources for building themselves, to the actual building of themselves, to the manufacturing of everything that humans want or need. And all that, in great abundance. 

Since the robots are nowhere near needing any compensation so that they can "feel" good about "life," they wouldn't need any pay. At the most, there would only need to be a few robot techies to handle the few things that robots literally couldn't. 

Everybody could go on welfare, collect 10 times as much, and still have all his/her needs and desires fulfilled by the robot operations. People could even work if they wanted. I would like to travel the world for awhile - free, of course; the robots would do all the work for nothing. 

The natural resources are there. Basic technology is there. There are plenty of people around who would like to do the teckie work that the robots couldn't do - for the fun of it, if they were paid enough to live a happy life. 

So, where's the problem? Maybe it's those greedy b******* in Government, who won't let anybody else have a little of it if they can't have it all. What do you think? 


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