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Ex-Powell aide suggests CIA assassination program was actually active

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Comment by Jefferson Paine
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Sitting at LAX listening to Ernie's "Declare Your Independence" on WiFi, while checking articles here....

 Anyway, I have to say I'm not convinced there ARE any terrorists at a leadership level that aren't government tools -- especially CIA assets like bin Laden (R.I.P.). This story smacks of "sideways" disinformation, alleging one kind of government shennanigan in order to conceal a more serious one.   Why? Two  reasons.

First,  I know of no terrorist activity not related to Israel's occupation of Palestine, our occupation of the Phillipines, or other "get out of our face" actions that doesn't stink of agents provocateur, government informants at the heart of conspiracies, etc.

Second,  as I wrote years ago in The Libertarian Enterprise and at, there simply can't be any serious "just because we hate America" terrorists in country. Such people wouldn't be stupid enough to plan only high-profile, high-risk events such as we have seen to date. And they certainly wouldn't suicide when they could keep on doing damage, inexpensively, safely, and devastatingly, with IEDs made of household chemicals, placing cheap thermite charges on rural propane tanks, starting forest fires, and any number of other strike-and-walk-away tactics that would bring them very little risk. Heck, just a focus on our power grid and our freeways (say, ANFO in those big yellow barrels at construction sites along our interstates) could cripple the entire nation within a matter of weeks for an outlay of maybe $100k (wild, uninformed guess).

Nope, terrorism in America is about as real as professional wrestling, as best I can tell.

Comment by Lola Flores
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You people are seriously pondering whether or not this was real?  Please, people, get a life and have a reality check while you're at it too!

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