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Calif. tax officials: Legal pot would bring state $1.4B

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OMFG did I just read this right?

"The legislation requires all revenue generated by the $50-per-ounce fee to be used for drug education and rehabilitation programs"????

What a way to justify the sales of drugs. That will really sell with John Q Public.Tax up a bunch of money and give it to the junkies. The people that Californians passed draconian laws against in the first place. That guarantees an empathetic reception to the legislation, right?

Hey California, do you think people would accept the legislation if it's income benefitted ALL CALIFORNIANS? Or maybe just went to some of your CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE problems or your BUDGET DEBT?

But wait, it gets better. The legislation would allow anyone 21 or older to grow, posess and use the product YET the legislation proposes to tax the product at the wholesale (production) level. So everybody is growing and smoking their own with wild abandon. WHERE IS THE OPPORTUNITY TO APPLY TAX? THE HONOR SYSTEM?


And while, it must be observed, the state has NO production or distribution channels. All they have is privately run (and heavily traumatized) "medical marijuana dispensaries".

So here you are your typical Berkely pot grower. You can sell an ounce of weed to your buddy for $100 (or whatever market value is) or you can go to some imagined state-approved facility and take a $50 loss in taxes. Say what you will about the average intelligence of the pot smoker but I've heard it's a multi-billion dollar industry. They seem rather adroit at business and they are already willing to break the law for this profit motive.

This legislation seems designed to fail. That one proviso about where the funds have to go will kill it deader than a stoner's brain cells.

I'm pro-pot legalization but I can tell this designed-to-fail crapola legislation when see it. I'm reading "controlled opposition" in large letters. Pro-pot people in CA just got their initiative effectively booted off the agenda for this legislative session.

Take a bow, controlled opposition.

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