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Adam Kokesh Campaigns With Ron Paul's Blessing

• New Mexico Independent

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Comment by Morpheus Titania
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Gabriel Sanchez, political science professor at the University of New Mexico, Obviously you are integral part of the the very PROBLEM, Adam Kokesh is going after.  This type of Pre-framing is exactly how the government types operate.  When I say pre-frame you create in your article the opinion that you wish to present as opposed to simply stating what you perceive as facts and let the person on the other end determine the outcome. 

We know, that you know, most of the people reading the article are still in a state of mass hypnosis and through your suggestions, they remain in their stupor. What you are not aware of, in your own arrogance, is the rate at which people are waking up to the freedom message.  I was proud to come to your state from ARIZONA and where all the huge 4 x 8 signs were made and placed all over your city of Santa Fe.  It was enjoyable to work without direction from the Kokesh campaign, knowing we were freeing minds from ilk like you. 

Many of the political pundits such as your misguided self said Ron Paul had no chance of winning even though he won every poll,  It was only through media manipulation that he was squelched out.  This is the same type as presented in this article.  Being your so smart, have you asked yourself why people from around the country would donate there money and more importantly their time to support someone who is not in their district?  Perhaps you should write a paper on that, because your predictions of the future are irrelevant even though you have a fancy degree of sorts, which in reality means NOTHING.

Gabriel, I would suggest you lay the crystal ball gazing on focus on facts.  Our country is on the brink of social and economic collapse.  The dichotomy of the Pirating class (the government) which includes you as one of their altar boys vs the Plundered class (everyone else) is fast coming to an end.  And as for you Heath a better story is to interview people who traveled in from out of town to work without immediate benifet for the Kokesh Campaign.

In closing I share with you one final thought:  it must be terrifying to the plundering class to know, whether you acknowledge it or not WE HAVE ALREADY WON!  For more updates on the R3volution go to  

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