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Hillary Clinton Drinks Tea with Tyranny

• Buffalohair Gazette International
China’s premier diplomat Hillary Clinton *likened North Korea to a child in need of attention in yet another sugar coated response to China’s ally. In spite of the fact North Korea threatened nuclear war, aimed rockets at sovereign US soil and holds hostage two American girls she continues to pussy foot and coddles anything China. It is more than obvious she has a second agenda with China and has no business being secretary of anything. It should have been more than clear she was useless and failed dismally in Indonesia when she could not muster a meeting with the leadership of the Muslim people, her primary mission. Her statement pitting the concerns for human rights in Asia on the ignore list while placing economics above all else should have been a red flag. Her diplomatic failures far outweigh her usefulness yet the media continues to promote her and anything Obama. Facts are marred with endless lines of rhetoric and bold faced lies proving ‘Big Brother’ and double speak prevail

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 No doubt this fine, unbiased and patriotic report came from FAUX news.