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The Great Lie and Destiny

• Buffalohair Gazette International
As Barack Obama and henchman Rahm Emanuel makes another pitch for the tax payer dollar by convincing us all is well American’s continue to lose jobs and homes. Clearly the people to have benefited from these bail-outs and give-a-ways were members of the House of Representatives and Congress. Both sides of the isle were enriched and their retirement accounts secured regardless of the rhetoric the Dems and Reps spewed to the public. With the main stream media owned part and parcel by the very corporations pining for a One World Order we got a sugar frosted “crap sandwich” generations in the future will be paying off. Democracy has already past into history since the voice of the people has been placed on ignore as the Constitution becomes nothing more than a piece of paper. The one thing both the Democratic and Republican parties have done was systematically divide the people then conquer a nation from within. The reality of how deeply invested our so called politicians were in all t