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Take a picture,...go to jail.

 Imagine getting a great photograph of your hunting partner shooting at a pheasant, then finding out it’s illegal to possess that photo.

Imagine going to the video store to rent a copy of your favorite hunting show, only to find the shelves bare. When you ask the clerk where they are, he tells you that the films are now illegal and that you can’t buy or rent them anymore. 

This may sound like something out of 1984, but in United States v. Robert J. Stevens, the U.S. Supreme Court will decide this fall if photos like the one above, or video that shows hunters shooting at game, violate a 1999 federal law (18 USC  § 48) that bans depictions of animal cruelty.

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Comment by Trouser Chili
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Will all the nature shows that have lions killing zebras be banned, too?  What about videos of masked henchmen waterboarding PETA members?

Comment by Powell Gammill
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So will they kick in my door and arrest me for my copies of "The Deer Hunter" or "Apocalypse Now?" 

How about "The Ghost and the Darkness?"  I am trying to recollect all the African and Asian movie locations where hunting was depicted or actually filmed.  Or the occasional pheasant or fox hunt in Europe, or death to the wild boar.  When I think of all the hunting shows.  Even gun show demos.  How about all the chariot scenes, or WWI horse/ mule scenes during battles?  Braveheart?  Depiction.  Animal.  Covers virtually all territory.  Comedies: Animal House.  Bachelor  Party.  Are the makers of "Cold Turkey" still alive for prosecution?  I think we should make as much fun of the bureaucrats and the prosecutors and judges who assist them in their stupidity as we can. A fun time was had by all.