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Cop Who Choked EMT On Way To Hospital Suspended For Just Five Days

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An Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper who pulled over and choked a paramedic on his way to delivering a patient to hospital has suspended for just five days and ordered to attend an “anger assessment.”  

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Comment by Lola Flores
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 Suspended with pay.  A nice vacation on the taxpayer dollar.  What a scam!  They actually encourage these suckers to do wrong so that they can go on vacation!  Only in this country!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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I thought the leadership was backing the cop.  Despite OK law being quite clear it is a crime --no exceptions -- to interfere with an ambulance on its way to the hospital with a patient.  What happened?   The video was gross.  The witness statements damning.  The cops' own statements well, let us say they were arrogant and completely without the slightest regret or belief they did anything questionable.  Yet the police administration was standing by their guy. Alright, we will slap him on the hand...will you public craphounds go away?  Ah, no.  Bitch abot the suspension.  Do you really want an unstable A-hole with a gun teeing off on your kids because you get in the way of his speeding to pick up his girlfriend some day?