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Iran vows to hit Israel's atomic sites if attacked


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Comment by Lola Flores
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 As well they should! 

Israel knows that Iran is not Palestine or Iraq which is, of course, the reason why they've been trying to get the US to invade them too and do the job for them.  The only good thing about a possible strike against Iran is that they will hit back with all they might, something that Israel deserves and has worked hard for.  It's about time that those bullies are stopped by whatever means are necessary.


Comment by Found Zero
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More significantly, I think Iran CAN shut down half the gulf. They got these really sophisticated missiles that are said to be able to evade our own countermeasures. When GWB loaded up like 3 carrier groups in the gulf, some of us were just moaning inside because we think Iran could have sunk them all. And the thing is these things are pretty small and transportable and we think they lave LOADS of them, so while we can totally take out "strategic", infrastructural and "hard" targets in Iran and possibly dominate the air, they just have loads and loads of these missiles all over the place. It's a pretty good defensive strategy because everybody knows you'd basically have to nuke the entire nation to overcome them.

This whole business really sucks though. The Iranian people are still some of the most pro-Western people in the whole region. The Iranian people and their nascent "democracy" movement just never get a break. All this pressure from the USA just firms up the radical positions in their government.

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