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20,000 take to streets to protest Johnnie Walker plant closure


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Comment by Ed Price
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When sales or profits are down, it can be difficult to keep a business running. 

Would the people be willing to become employee owners of the plant?
Would the present owners be willing to sell it to them on terms of some kind?
If a deal like this went through, would the people be willing and able to shoulder the extra burdens that go along with employee ownership? 

for a partial list of companies that are employee owned. 


Comment by Lola Flores
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 There ya go!  Priorities, priorities, priorities...

Their government steals from them and gives to the rich; embarks in imperialistic wars of expansionism in their names, blowing a whole in the budget thru the end of the lives of our great-grandchildren and murdering millions of innocent people in the process; they torture, lie and rob in their names but they do nothing, absolutely nothing.  But they take the booze away from them and...all hell breaks lose! 

They're a fine bunch these Americans and with their priorities so very straight...still, they think they have the right to tell the world what to do and enforce it at the point of a nuke if they don't do as told.

Sad, very, very sad indeed...



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