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5 freedoms you'd lose in health care reform

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Comment by Ed Price
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Chem Trails don't work fast enough or securely enough. 


Comment by Billy Mills
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The Sixth Freedom is your Life if you're a Senior Citizen.

This Islamic Imposter is Bound to Killing off the Aged Infidels.

He is already Indicted By "We the People" for Fraud and Treason. It's time for the Attorney General to Uphold and Enforce OUR Constitution.  GOD Bless America.

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Look, dude, here's the sad reality:  Obama ain't any better than Bush or any other before them two.  He's not going to do what's best for you and me but only that will benefit the ones that put him in power:  the corporations (regardless of what you think).  Having said that, if there ever were to be true healthcare reform, here are the 5 things I (and the rest of the working class) would lose:

1.  High premiums

2.  Denial of claims

3.  Co-pays, deductibles and all the other hidden fees

4.  Insurance companies robbing, raping and ridiculing me

5.  My money going to the pockets of thieves who are doing nothing for me

Now, I suggest that you stop listening to the right-wing whackjobs that are impairing your judgment and think for yourself.  Evolution worked very hard at giving us humans the ability to think, don't let that go to waste.  Think for yourself!


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