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If You're Reading This, You're Probably a Federal Criminal

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Comment by Ed Price
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It used to be that the U.S. Government was incorporated as a trust with the states - and ultimately the people - as beneficiaries of the trust. The States themselves were trusts with the people as beneficiaries. Things have changed. 

The 17th Amendment tricked Congress people into becoming members of a corporation that is not the United States of America we all have been taught about in school - the one set up by George Washington and the gang. The current "U.S." is really a name given to the "State of the District of Columbia" which is a national corporation. The States themselves have been converted into satellite corporations of the U.S. corporation, and are not the trusts they were originally set up to be. 

Because of all this, "We the People" now refers to government office holders. They, along with the "owners" of the corporate U.S. are the current beneficiaries. The rest of us amount to slaves - slaves who they control through the appearance of freedom. 


It's a lengthy article, but one written in laymans reading style. If you are interested in what is REALLY going on, this is the best place I know of to get a clear picture. 


Comment by Lola Flores
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 In the eyes of a repressive regime, the people are all criminals and if they aren't yet, they have the potential to be.  It's a theory allows the government to take pre-emptive measures by stopping people before they actually have a chance to commit a crime.  It works well in Communist countries like Cuba where they arrest and imprison people the government has labeled as having a proclivity for criminal behavior before they actually do anything.  It also works well in countries like Israel where Palestinian children are regularly shot to death so they don't become terrorists when they grow up. 

I mean, if you don't mind injustice, repression, brutality and all that stuff, it's something that works well and prevents crime (at least on the part of the populace). 

Glad to see that the US hasn't really been idle all these years & they've been taking secret classes from the Nazi and Communist governments of the world on how to effectively repress the people thru fear-mongering, propaganda, manipulation and profiling.

Long live the US and the corporations that run it!

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