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Markets Do Not Work?

• arclein

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Comment by Ed Price
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This is a great article. And the fact that it exists is evidence that markets DO work in a big way. 

The whole point that a small number of people have managed to manipulte themselves into a position of something that looks like power and authority, is evidence that markets work. How did they do it? They took advantage of the "Sucker Mentality" market. They snuck in through a back door, quietly. They became sleepers among We the People. They lied, and we believed their lies. 

How dumb are we? We think that "they" are going to protect us. So we throw away our guns and even make them illegal.  

We trust ourselves to "their medicine" because we think "they" can make us well with it. Yet, when we look at what they say, they are talking about reducing the earth's population. That means they want to exterminate many of us. 

They talk about terrorists, all the while feeding us lies and embelishments that bring terror into our hearts - and maybe they ae even the creators and perpetuators of the violent terror, themselves. 

How much "adverse marketing affect" are we going to put up with before we stop buying their products - terror, lies, murder, elimination of freedom, etc.? 


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