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Comment by Lola Flores
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 It's a good thing you ain't a lawyer or you would have been thrown out of court for leading; however, your audience is so brain-dead that you need to tell them what to think, I understand that part. 

"When United States citizens reach the age of 65 they are forced into Medicare and out of any private insurance option for coverage of their healthcare." 

This is a blatant and idiotic lie.  Nobody is forced out of anything and into anything.  If you weren't so malicious and/or had an ounce of brain, you'd realize that when United States citizens reach the age of 65, they retire with about $800 a month and nothing else and they can't afford a private insurance  that would charge them about half of their income if not more.  Now, that's the truth! 

So, why don't you educate yourself and stop poisoning the minds of people with this garbage which is only designed to hurt them and unjustly enrich the rich even more.  If you could think on your own, you'd realize that the only ones that stand to gain here with this are the insurance companies.  Now, if you like things the way they are, fine, continue paying up the ass for shit that you can't or won't even be allowed to use and you get cancer or have a car crash and run hundreds of thousands in medical bills, file for bankruptcy and fuck yourself but let the rest of us have a decent and fair option and a shot at getting it!

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