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Comment by Linda Hunnicutt
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Mel, I could hardly hear you, plus you caught me with a hand full of peaches I was canning.  Please accept my apology if I seemed cranky?  I never did understand what you were calling about?


Comment by Ed Price
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If you don't have a telephone land-line, imagine that you do. Your particular line is identified by your name, your phone number, and in some cases by other identifying numbers as well. 

Now, suppose that you have some kind of problem with the wiring in your land-line, a problem that you need the phone company to send a repair man out to fix. 

When he (she) gets there, what does he fix? "Your" phone wiring or your wiring? 

Your phone number is NOT your phone number. It belongs to the account... the account, by the way, that is not you, even though it has a name just like yours. 

Sounds silly, doesn't it? But that's the way it is legally written up. All of your accounts from Social Security, to phones, to your birth certificate are written up identifying some kind of an account as the owner - not you. 

So, if you, Granny Warrior, have not been careful in makking sure it is you the human being that owns the land, and if the county or the state holds the title/deed for the land in its offices while you only hold a certified copy, and if the real owner happens to be an entity with a SSN, then Government owns the land, and thank you very much. 

This is part of how they get you with Eminent Domain so easily whenever they want. 



Comment by Mel Mason
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I had never met or spoken to the Granny Warriors and was a little nervous but that was soon dispelled by the "why-ya-botherin'- me?"attitude from the other end of the phone. Probably nothing at all, but I figure if you are going to put your # online it is an invitation to call. I won't make that mistake again.

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