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After A Government Health Care Takeover

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Comment by Frank Henry
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Since 1973 we stoood by and did nothing to save the lives of the weakest of our human family...pre-born babies. 

And now they are getting ready to hand out getting ready to had out killing pills to the next weakest of our human family...the ill and old folks.

Now What???!!!

Comment by Lola Flores
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"Your loved one denied surgery - a government bureaucrat decided it isnt needed."

So, this is worse than an insurance company denying it, right?

 "Your hard-earned tax dollars funding abortions"

Or my tax dollars funding the medical care of children who are born with diseases & defects that would drive the economy of a small country into the crapper as well as paying for the medical care and the welfare checks of all those Morons in Utah who have 15 wives and at least 100 kids or the Quakers who are pushing them out faster than they can make them because the little freaks are "god's army" 

  So, FUCK YOU (and notice that wrote that in capital letters on purpose!) and may you find one day with a life threatening illness (hopefully one contracted thru having sex with your barnyard sheep) and with no health insurance.  That's about the only way that I can think that your stupidity will be par to your malice.

Oh, have I asked you to go FUCK YOURSELF yet?


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