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The Biggest Holders of US Government Debt

 That’s right, the biggest holder of US government debt is the United States itself. The Federal Reserve system of banks and other US intragovernmental holdings account for a stunning $4.806 trillion in US Treasury debt.

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Comment by Ed Price
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One thing about citizenship and the debts is that the debt is collected through taxes. Taxes are levied according to Social Security Numbers. SSNs are representative of SS accounts. The SS Accounts have names as well as account numbers - the account numbers are the SSNs. The account names are the same as those of the people who signed up for the accounts. 

The point is that the SSN is not your number. It is the number of the account. If you don't want to be liable, reverse any false information out there that your SSN is yours, because it isn't. Then treat the whold account like you would any other account. Let government tax the account rather than you in your personal capacity. 







Comment by Lola Flores
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 Geez!  No wonder the poor rabbis in Brooklyn have to sell second-hand kidneys in the black market...Imagine having a Chinese collection agency come after you for that?