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Ed Asner introduces Richard Gage, AIA, in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, Richard Gage was introduced by Ed Asner, the former president of the screen actors guild, who called him "a tireless and tenacious advocate for questions that all too few are willing to ask…and truths that fewer still are willing to face, truths that may shake the foundations of our world view." We were pleased to have heard such encouraging words from this committed activist and famous actor.

Next was the Conspiracy Conference in Santa Clara June 6 and 7, where Richard gave this spirited, aware group his science-based evidence for claims of demolition of the three high-rise towers on 9/11. Two hundred and fifty people attended. Musician and 911: In Plane Site filmmaker Dave von Kleist introduced Richard, and the crowd was primed for the talk by none other than George Noory of Coast to Coast AM, who stated that having AE911Truth on his radio show was long overdue. Russia Today TV was one of four stations to interview Richard at the con

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Ed Asner is anti gun and has worked hard to destroy our 2nd amendment. So Ed is a threat to freedom.