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Is this really smoking gun of Obama's Kenyan birth?

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Comment by Billy Mills
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This Birth Cerificate is for Real. The P.M. of Kenya, in an interview Condi Rice, (Video) admitted that Barak Hussein Obama was Born In Mombasa, Kenya.  That is enough Proof. Want More ? Join us at;, It's a Free Online Grand Jury made up of the American Citizens that are Real Patriots. This comes to you fron a 78 yr old Korean Vet. I didm't go to war to have this kind of Crap in OUR Whitehouse. GOD Bless America and OUR Troops. MR. Obama is keeping OUR Troops out of OUR Country so that his Jihad can Patrool OUR Streets and to Protect from the Real Patriots Kicking him out of OUR Country, 

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Who gives a shit?  You people need to get of the racist wagon, face reality and get a life!  Even if he weren't a US citzen, then what?  Really, what?  Impeach him and then move Biden to president, because that is better, right?

If you whackjobs put only half of the energy, time and resources you waste into this shit into educating yourselves, you could form your own NASA!


Comment by Ed Vallejo
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(Hat Tip to Jeff Rense at


Comment by Pa Ch
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Chris Lewis,

 The requirements for US citizenship and for the Presidency of the US are two different things. 

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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 I like my Headline better - but at this point I'll live with the 'change'...   : )

All I can think of right now is Ralph Cramden saying "MMMMM how sweet it is!"

Comment by Brock Lorber
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Does that make him more or less your God King?  I'm losing track. 

Comment by Chris Lewis
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Believe it or not, even if Obama was still born in Kenya (he wasn't), he still would have been a citizen of the U.S. at the time of his birth due to his mother's status as a U.S. citizen.

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