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6 economists on why Ron Paul’s Fed audit idea is wrong

• James Pethokoukis
Half dozen economists who are very concerned about Federal Reserve independence what they thought about Rep. Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Fed. This was my specific question: “Given that Congress can already grill the Fed chairman during Humphrey-Hawkins (and occasional other congressional appearances), how would a GAO really threaten Fed independence in practical terms?”

The GAO audit proposal is from Ron Paul, who has advocated abolishing the Fed and returning to the gold standard. Maybe people think that this is his foot in the door, a first step in the plan. When King Louis 16 called for a meeting of the Estates General in France, it led to a chain of events that resulted in his beheading! [how is this on subject ED]

My view is that there is a major difference between general economic questions from Congress to a Fed that isn’t open to a GAO audit and that doesn’t get its budget from Congress, versus a detailed audit b

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Comment by Rocky Frisco
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C'mon guys! 

Do you really expect us to belive there's an economist named Anil Kashyap?

Anal Cash Yap??

Butthole Money Blabber??

Is this The Onion?

Comment by Anonymous
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Well 75% of Americans out number 6 economists who want to keep the crime syndicate known as the fed in the shadows and our government is supposed to work for us. Baloney on all that Independent nonsense that is why we are in this predicament.