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Is Race for Governor More About Obama? Some Voters Who Backed President Disillusioned Over Economic

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Comment by William Klepzig
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 American citizens and voters have given up their right to rule because of the out dated closed view that America is only allowed two ideas in politics, being Democrat or Republican.  Any place in America, any store, auto dealership, book store would fail if they had but two choices and you could only pick from them.  Still, that is what you agree to in running a country.  Two choices of ideas and views, both so far away from the other that when an election overturns one party from power the other we have to re-invent the government.

This is wrong and you know it.

A middle party.  One that states that their are ideas from each that are good for the USA and the swings in government are bad.  A party of individuals that you can trust, members who are not given marching orders from the DCC or the RCC.  Individuals what understand that they are in Congress or the WhiteHouse to make America great, that means keeping jobs, having great pay and benifits.

We need today in the States and Federal government people who can throw a monkey wrench into the billions for banks and the good ol boys and stop caring more that China gets it people back to work over finding jobs, bring back industry in America.

I am a middleamerican2010 and I am for putting a few Americans into the Federal and State governments that are strongly pro American workers and jobs.


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