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Treasuries Fall as U.S. Sets Auction Amounts, May Expand TIPS

• Bloomberg
Treasuries declined for a third day after the U.S. announced it will sell a record $75 billion of notes and bonds at next week’s auctions and indicated plans to expand issuance of inflation-indexed securities. Thirty-year bond yields touched their highest levels in a week as the government signaled it’s considering the introduction of 30-year Treasury Inflation Protected Securities and ending 20-year TIPS as it finances unprecedented budget deficits. U.S. service industries contracted at a faster pace in July, suggesting recovery from the deepest slump since the Great Depression may be slow. “The curve is steepening as a lot of people want to stay away from the belly and the long end,”

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Comment by William Klepzig
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I read a book about the failure of the American economy,  in it a man who was walking across the nation asked to buy a cigar from a farmer, the farmed said,"five dollars paper or a nickel coin,"

If you are watching the largest credit card spending in history and if you understand that soon American paper will be as worthless as the German mark was in 1946, you might just pick up a roll or quarters each pay day.  After all we do trust in real money more then what the O'man can print.