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How Is America Going To End? Slate's "Choose Your Own Apocalypse" lets you map it out

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Comment by Jefferson Paine
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When they try to pigeon-hole your response, their methodology is cartoonish. I gave responses indicating a corporate-fascist-totalitarian end to America, and they said I'd know I was right if we got one-world government. That's a bit off the mark. 

Comment by William Klepzig
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 While I can see many of these are possible or in the works, I also understand that the problem is because of having a two party system that does not allow more ideas and checks into government.

If you want to overthrow the government you only have to vote in a very few members of the American Middle party.  Then at each point of discussion in congress on spending or government neither party could force the issue because they would have to have another pro american vote to give them the votes needed.

If you had been awake over the last forty years, if you had seen that neither party nor most representatives and congress men were pro American you might have sent just two or three people to congress and the banks, insurance and government would have been in check.  But what the hell!  You have an extra three thousand a year for the next fifty years to pay off what you owe.  After all they may spend it but you are going to get the bill!!!!!!!!!!!



Comment by Lola Flores
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 The cause of death of the American Empire will be the same cause of death as all the other empires before it:  greed and corruption. 

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