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Why I don't think Mexicans are Evil! Why I think immigration is good.


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Comment by TL Winslow
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Yes, immigration of peaceful people is always good. Too bad, when it comes to our poor southern neighbors in Mexico, racism sets in and tries to make it seem bad.

The U.S. started it by stealing half of Mexico in 1848 then forcing the sawed-off remnant to exist via subsistence agriculture while it went through its great struggles to bolster and then give up white supremacy. Now in the Obama era it's time to finally have the Congress invite the people of Mexico to join the U.S. as the "51st state", ending the problem that the U.S. started 160 years ago, and creating a new paradigm that will set an example for the world. The language problem shouldn't stand in our way, so why let it?

Google "Megamerge Dissolution Solution" to read my article showing how the Obama admin. can do it in only 5 years.

Comment by Sharon Jarvis
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The article doesn't distinguish between legal immigrants and illegal aliens.  Most people think immigration is fine.  It's the ten to twenty million Mexicans who are here illegally that make us mad.  Illegals will work for half of what an American would earn.  Illegals use our medical systems, our prisons, and our schools.  Many have been here for a decade or more and still can't speak English. We don't know who or where they are, so national security is endangered.  We cannot survive as a nation this way.

Comment by William Klepzig
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 Immigration is a non issue.  It is one used as smoke and mirrors to bounce your thoughts away from real social and economic issues in America.

So!!!!!!....Here is my way to solve immigration.  The first is if they want to come to America they have to if the boy or girl is between eighteen and thirty five join the military for ten years.  During that time the family, blood relatives may work in the USA as long as they complied with every American rule and regulation on citizenship.  Also they must with in five years speak English.

That is the easy part.  The second is for America to state that we are going to produce the very best and again sell to the world.  That we are going to rebuild America, cut fuel use by thirty three percent, it is easier then you think, build up to thirty new power plants in the West and new cities around them and open Space to private investors in union with NASA.  I want a real space station, a city on the Moon and ten interplanetary manned ships in ten years.  These will again give strong wages, medical every one can afford and retirements.  They will also destroy the interbanking community that has its hands around your throats.

America can......  We the people do not need the rest of the World.  We will lead, and if they want to follow that is fine but America can....with out the rest of the world put its working boots on, put the greatest minds in the world to solve new problems and re-invent the American dream.

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