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What Are the Birthers Really After?

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Comment by Rocky Frisco
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1. This propagandist says that if you don't swallow Obama's BS whole, you are a bigot.

2. The one answer none of us has ever seen is, why is Obama stonewalling on the birth certificate? The "certificate of live birth" is not an official birth certificate. If Obama is not lying and there's nothing embarrassing about his background, why is he hiding everything about his past?

Comment by Powell Gammill
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While I enjoy the constant harassment of Obama over anything, and maybe this in specific, I ponder what would change if there was proof positive that Obama was not a native born citizen of the USA. 

I am guessing, nothing other than the re-election might be illuminating.

Comment by Richard Stone
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 Fear the People, Fear the People

Comment by Lola Flores
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 It's pretty pittiful actually, to see that this is the best these nutcases can come up with.  If they had any brain at all, they'd zero on all the other stuff the guy is doing - from torture to more illegal wars - instead, they have to zero on the stupidiest & pettiest of things.  Of course, the other stuff would simply proof that he's part of the status quo while being born in Kenya...oooooh, that's big!  I think...


Comment by Found Zero
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Lola, say anything you want but we're gonna have to see your birth certificate if you wanna run for president. just kidding ;)

Comment by Anonymous
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The Truth why won't BO if he has nothing to hide provide the people with THE TRUTH!

Comment by Found Zero
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Yeah Ed I also get the distinct notion that Lola Flores is a switch-hitter. 

Comment by rachel cody
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It's Mossad! The Zionist are at it again. Trying to create a new "right wing terrorist" in the USA. Don't fall for anything lead by an Israeli. 

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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"But the clear purpose of birther propaganda is not to win a majority by democratic means, but to drive a minority of a minority into turmoil and even violence—as indicated by their behavior at this month’s congressional town hall meetings."


If 'a majority by democratic means' is the GOAL, why do we have 'inalienable rights' at all?  OR DO WE?

DEPENDS ON who you ask! LOL

A government big enough to give you everything you want can also take everything you have. 

Is this 'infiltration' of this site by propagandists?  Looks like it...

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