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The Me-First, Screw-Everyone-Else Crowd

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Comment by Lola Flores
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 You can take a dead horse to water but you can't make him sad it is that the idiots don't see - or don't want to see - that they're being taken for a ride by the very corporations and people who are exploiting them.  Unfortunately, by the time they realize it (if they ever do), it will be entirely too late for the rest of us, particularly, for those who will be dead due to the lack of care as a result of the predatorial practices of the so-called health care industry.

Comment by Paul Zimmerman
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I sure do consider theft, i.e. taxation, a problem.  Every dollar taken is one less dollar that the rightful owner of that dollar has to spend on healthcare, food, etc.  And every looted dollar that some net tax consumer receives just reinforces the notion that they are entitled to the property of others.

I don't care what the Constitution says.  There is nothing magical about words on a piece of paper that makes stealing right, just as the Constitution's consent to chattel slavery did not make that abomination moral.  Just because the  constitution or the law or a judge says that taxation is proper doesn't make it so anymore than Dred Scott ceased to be a human being because the Supreme Court ruled that he was not a person.


Comment by Found Zero
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We can't really call taxation the problem in itself can we? The Constitution clearly enumerates this right of government even before the evil 13th Amendment.

I object to income taxation, but I understand that without reduced spending, the taxes will simply be reapportioned. And arbitrarily so. Case in point recently: tobacco. Sin tax. OK if not that then increased taxes on gas or food.

Even with reduced government and reduced spending, we know that the state does not produce revenue. It spends it.

Comment by Paul Zimmerman
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You cannot reason with these emotional socialists.  They either pull stats out of their rearends, like this:  "With 22,000 of their fellow countrymen dying annually for lack of health insurance..."

I didn't know that one could die from an insurance deficiency!  Learn something new everyday!  I wonder how my family and I survived the 10 years I worked as an independent contractor without health insurance?  Oh, yes..we paid for our own care with cash and when necessary, credit cards while the whole time being looted to pay Medicare, Medicaid, etc, etc.

 We would negotiate with our doctors and hospitals etc.  I'd say, 'we don't have insurance.  what would you be charging me if we were insured?' and they'd give us a figure that was usually 10 - 30% less than the bill.  I'd then say 'will you accept that amount as payment in full if I write you a check right now?'.  They always said yes. 

Tired of being forced to support a bunch of socialist crybabys who think that the world owes them a living. 

Comment by Found Zero
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One interesting note the article submits is that "the rich" make about 38% of the income in the nation and therefore there's nothing wrong with them paying about 36% of the taxes. I never heard the argument put that way before.

I do doubt the figures, but I haven't seen recent figures for what percentage "the rich" pay. Last I heard it was above 80%. And the well-to-do (I generally don't label people as "rich") did certainly complain. However, at the time, I did point out that many poor paid more tax than they AS A PERCENTAGE OF OVERALL INCOME.

In other words, I brought up the widow and her sheckle. Jesus came to town and all the rich people and tax collectors turned out to see him and gave huge donations, so they all stood around congratulating themselves as a little, hunched over poor widown crept forward and donated her last sheckle, her last coin.

The story goes that Jesus said that the widow had given more than all their wealthy asses put together. And these wealthy and upstanding citizens couldn't figure out what the hell Jesus was talking about.

My translation might differ from yours but I think the point remaineth the same.


Comment by Anonymous
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Socialism is EVIL and so is using classs warfare.

Comment by Found Zero
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Funny, the term "khaki pants offensive" got a chuckle out of me but the argument is fascile.  Look at Schiff, Denninger, Ron and Rand Paul, Mish, Celente, ALL of our economists raged against the bailouts, fraud and malfeasance of Wall Street.

So again I say this argument is utterly fascile when applied to us. Apply it to the mainstream GOP with all fairness but not us.

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