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Did GE Stifle Keith Olbermann?


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Comment by Found Zero
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I liked him better when he ranted against Bush in his late administration. But then I liked about anybody who ranted against Bush at any time, past, present and future.

Now he seems all pro-establishment. Plus, he's not even all that smart and incisive anymore. He's freaking echo-chambering. Just doesn't have any zing anymore.

He ain't my favorite liberal pundit anymore. That prize goes to Rachel Maddow for me now. She was the only one to see that the present "teaparty" isn't the R3VOlUTION. She knows we're out here.

Everybody should have a pet liberal. And she's easier on the eyes than that hag Coulter IMO.

Comment by Anonymous
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As a strong believer in free speech and having served my country I do not think anyone should be stifled. Now having said that as a person when that whiny arrogant creep comes on I cannot find the remote fast enough to change the channel.

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