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Seniors refuse to keep "Health Care Comments Quiet" & AARP Walks!

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Comment by Lola Flores
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 "Seniors refuse to keep "Health Care Comments Quiet""

Senior can't even keep their farts quiet...

Funny how you can bring back a half dead corpse from the other side by busing them around and giving them free Geritol and Depends...

Comment by Richard Stone
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 This is the transparency that all you Obama voters brought on this country. This is the change from bad to absolutely horrendous that you brought on this country. Are you proud of yourselves ? Or are you slowly waking up to to the idea that you really screwed up this country and how it should be run? It is time for the real patriots to take back our country and throw the Whitehouse Joker out including all of those that follow him in lockstep. This is about what is right and wrong and the courage to stand up and go to town halls and show your representatives how angry you have become. Tell them how dare they think that they don't answer to their constituents. How dare they be so arrogant and smug to call the people that they represent, angry mobs (hell yes we are angry but not a mob) astroturf (take your astroturf and stick it) or manufactured anger and emotions ( does my anger seem manufactured? ). I love this country and it hurts me so bad to see what is happening to it everyday. Three words to the politicans " Fear the People"

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