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Our Unconstitutional Census California could get nine House seats it doesn’t deserve because illega


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Comment by TL Winslow
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So what if "illegal alien" Mexicans are being counted in the U.S. Census? How about counting all 110 Mexicans, because Mexico has finally become our "51st state"? So what if most only speak Spanish, the U.S. is about free enterprise, so let economics dictate who speaks what. English is here to stay, and I'm sure it will long have a lot of economic pull, but it shouldn't be a barrier to solving the age-old problem created by the U.S. in 1848 when it "purchased" Calif. along with half of Mexico for peanuts at gunpoint to clear out non-whites for a white supremacist homeland like it did with Indian tribes in an attempt to paper-over the dirty deal, dooming Mexico to eternal dependence and border lawlessness just to survive.

The Three Amigos should be discussing the dissolution of the corrupt Mexican govt. in favor of new U.S. state govts., along with the corrupt Mexican PRI party, allowing Mexicans to join the U.S. mainstream parties and become part of the solution. First the ball's in the U.S. court to formally invite the Mexican people to join, admitting they had been instituting de facto apartheid and making the first move to heal all wounds and grudges and move ahead, then getting into serious negotiations far grander than some summit in Guadalajara.

Click to read my full proposal, which can be implemented easily during the Obama admin.

Comment by Brock Lorber
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Mr. Baker and Mr. Stonecipher have very interesting opinions.

Fictional, but interesting nonetheless. 

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