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Comment by Edwin Sumcad
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The right of Congress to legislate is OUR right to legislate.  We are the people in Congress. If we are not, then the politicians you hated but you nevertheless elected to Congress must be from Mars, not from the United States of America. 

If Congress is ugly it's because people are ugly.

If Congress has no right to legislate, whose right is the right to legislate -- yours and yours only?  By the way, the Constitutioin calls Congress the LEGISLATURE or the LEGISLATIVE BRANCH of Government. 

You have to go to court to know if the LEGISLATURE established by the Constitution cannot legislate anything about healthcare or if you want Medicare to be declared unconstitutional.

We know better than just kick the bucket!

Comment by Dagny Taggart
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There's nothing hypocritcal at all about this.  The decision of the court in Roe V. Wade was that a woman's health/private discussions with her doctor are outside the purvue of the court.  It didn't explicitly legalize abortion, it just said that the court can't interfere with a woman's personal medical choices. 

Your tirade about religious voodoo/atheism is a non-sequitur.  We don't have a "right wing agenda", we have an agenda of FREEDOM.  Of personal choice.  Of taking responsibility for your own actions and not looting the productive members of society to pay for your bread and circuses. 

 You're right about one thing though, we will defend our liberties by any means necessary.

Comment by Lola Flores
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 You know, this is really funny.  Now Congress has no right to legislate health care.  However, Congress does have the rigth to legislate the right of a woman to have an abortion or the right of an Atheist not to get involved in religious vodoo or the right of anything inasmuch as it's not consistent with the Right Wing agenda; however, when it's in their favor, not only do they have the right but they demand it and are willing to enforce it at the point of a gun if needed.  Hypocrites!

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