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BREAKING NEWS! Military to administer vaccinations! Total control of America about to occur!!!

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Comment by Lola Flores
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 I can't wait!  At last there will be peace in the neighborhood.  Those old, fat, stupid Fundies who keep making rackets at all times of the day and night will finally be put to bed at a reasonable hour! 

Thank you, Obama, we owe you one!

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Oath Keepers??????  Right!

Now Americas own military is willing to Kill Americans...I hope all of you little Nazi`s Americans are left without a home,or,at least be told that you are not welcome home any you own less.

You little Nazi`s are so willing to fight an "Unconstitutional" war,and invade foreign countries,Kill innocent Children,Women,and Men,and you call yourselves Hero`s...what Bull shit that is.You so called "Fighters for Freedom" are just the opposite.You are helping to destroy you own country...Hero`s...I don`t think so.

Your are only Hero`s to those that are getting rich at you expense.

You Commander in Chief isn`t even American yet you wallow at his call that Heroic?   Get a another country hopefully.

Please do not Mother said for you to go somewhere else...your not welcome in your old neighborhoods anymore..not even the home you gave up when you became Anti American.The one your family still lives in....Just go away!

I know!!! stay where you are.

Oh Yeah!! when are you going to force your American brothers and sisters to take the shot(s)?

Oh Yeah...Yeah!! When do you start patrolling the streets of you fake boss told you to do.

I hope you entire family is in the first group of Americans you mow down..just because you were told you Boss...your entire family.....don`t worry tho.One of your Hero`s will get your family if you don` know! You Kill Joe`s family,and Joe will Kill yours...much easier that way...isn`t it?

After the very first shot,the very first innoculation...your asses are grass,and America will be the lawn mower.

We will make sure that you love ones see you on film doing what you were told to do.All of your OLD FRIENDS will get to see you killing Americans.You will have no family,or,firends from that point on...your life will exist in a dark place you can hide..for HELL

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