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Anyone Who Says Jon Stewart isn't Among the Best Journalists in America can.......

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....have their minds changed by watching this awesome interview on the use of torture with neocon think-tank President Clifford May.  

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Comment by Drew
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How about entertainer, shill, divider, propagandist, these are things Stewart dose Best. 

Reconsider what a good Journalists is and try again.

Comment by Jet Lacey
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The essence of what I heard from Jon Stewart is, no matter what, "we just don't do those things."   It's too early and my head is too cloudy to figure out which biases you boys are bringing to the table, but that is the essence of what I disseminated from the discussion (on Jon Stewart's end anyway). 

I just love these little sessions, don't you?

Comment by Brock Lorber
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Re-read the part of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance regarding handlebar shims and see if there is any parallels.  

Better yet, just watch this interview with the following substitutions.  Every time they say "torture" replace with "beer can".  Replace "terrorist", "Abu Zabaida", and "al Qaeda" with "motorcycle".  Replace "Geneva Convention" with "factory shim".  Replace "USA" or "we" with BMW.

It's been at least 15 years since I've read Zen, but I think that works perfectly.  May says, "a beer can meets the technical specs for a motorcycle handlebar shim" and Stewart retorts with "but, you can only use a factory shim on my BMW."

Here's the rub: the accompanying "Raw Story" article calls Stewart an iconoclast.  To be even remotely true, that has to be based on something other than this particular interview.  The Zen romantic is certainly not the iconoclast.

This interview was nothing but a long series of countering false dichotomies and glittering generalities, 90% of which were hurled simultaneously so you couldn't hear any of it.

Stewart did hit the nail square on the head right at the end when he recognizes, "we both ended up someplace we didn't want to go."  That's because, when you start with two intellectually untenable positions and hurl logical fallacies for 10 minutes, you get garbage, plain and simple.

Since you can't hear anything in this interview, everyone will hear what they want, but Compubox has Clifford May by 5.

Comment by Found Zero
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I gave it 15 seconds and I can't watch this shit. Stewart found a way to make torture funny. Torture, ha ha ha.

Audience laugh.

Bent, twisted and sadistic society can watch this over breakfast. Toast, juice, milk and Trix! part of a well balanced diet.

Have a good day at school kids!