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Migrant Mexican farm workers vote to quit union


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Comment by TL Winslow
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Why not count the entire Mexican people into the U.S. Census, and be proud of it? It's time the U.S. addressed the biggest remaining logjam of white supremacy today, namely, the stubborn continuation of the 1848 Apartheid when the white supremacist U.S. took half of Mexico's territory for its whites-only homeland, leaving sawed-off Mexico incapable of having a decent future. Now is the time for Congress to invite the Mexican people to join the U.S. as equal citizens sans racism, after dissolving their ever-corrupt fatcat-controlled govt., becoming the "51st state" (10+states), giving the U.S. 760K sq. mi. of new territory plus 5.8K sq. mi. of yummy new coastline. The only losers will be white supremacy and the cruddy Mexican govt., known for corruption, favoritism to Spanish over Indios, and human rights abuses. Click to read my well thought-out proposal showing how the Obama admin. can do it in only 5 years. 

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Careful what you wish may get it!

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