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Chris Matthews Gets Spanked By Gun-Toting New Hampshire Patriot

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Comment by Anonymous
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Everyone can see the rise of militia groups, so when does the war start?

Comment by Rainy Day
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Officials see rise in militia groups across US

Comment by Rainy Day
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Obama In Phoenix On Monday, Aug 17th to address the VFW. Probably the most heavily armed people in America. :)


Comment by Brock Lorber
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I was going to mention to you all that a wonderful, entertaining family activity for tonight would be to pop some corn and read comment threads on this story from various news sites. But, I see you have some division going right here.

Kostric was carrying just one of hundreds of guns there yesterday.  To hear some people talk, with all those guns there should have been thousands of deaths and injuries.  But, as Kostric noted with Tweety, they made a new history yesterday.

There's also something Freudian about the way people read his sign.  "...water the tree of liberty" [with the blood of patriots and tyrants]. It names no one by name, yet there's an automatic leap of faith that it refers to Obama.

But, here's where it gets weird.
Everyone automatically associates Obama as the tyrant.  No one associates him as the patriot.

With all Obama's legions of faithful, wouldn't you think that at least one would make the jump to Obama as patriot while they're making the jump that this sign has to do with Obama?

Comment by William Kostric
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Hey Ernie, how's it going? Ed? I miss you guys but am obviously having fun here in NH. Any plans for a Phx contingent to be DC on 9/12?

Comment by Freed Radical
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Yes Joel, he did an excellent job creating a buzz and then took full advantage of the opportunity to slap Matthews around hard. Fine work, Mr.Kostric! Lucky Red--You would probably be better served by some National Socialist/Obamunist website. You are wasting your time here, troll! E
Comment by Lola Flores
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 Oh, great!  The mentlally unstable are now exercising their right to bear arms!  Won't be long till the killing starts...

Comment by Joel Turner
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Whomever can keep pulling my comments, but I'll keep saying it. Watch the video, watch real close you'll see the guy during the demonstration is wearing a ear piece, this was staged to create a buzz.

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Patriot!  Ha ha!  Apparently, "patriot" is the new "hero" - gotta love these self-agrandizing, flag-bearing, denture-adhesive hoarding, Depends-wearer nuts...

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Chris Matthews is the lowest of low.

He will say anything he is told to say..for a buck.

I understand that his own mother wont`t allow him on her property.

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